Getting to Links: 5 Tips for Successful Email Outreach


Getting to Links: 5 Tips for Successful Email Outreach

How can you make you next email outreach pitch truly irresistible? These five strategies will help you get better link outreach results.

5 Tips for Sending Cold Outreach Emails (SO IMPORTANT FOR FREELANCERS)

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I truly believe the most important, and underrated skill freelance writers need to develop is the ability to send thoughtful, compelling, personal outreach emails.

Your success in this industry all depends on your relationships, and your ability to build them and grow them over time.

Learning how to properly develop these relationships out of thin air is one of the most important factors in your ability to get freelance writing jobs.

This post walks you through 5 of my most important tips for sending cold emails.

00:00. One of the biggest musical acts on the planet built their entire business with this skill
00:37. Sean who?
00:55 My 5 best tools for killer emails…but first, a story about that big name band.
02:42. Don’t be this.
03:31. “No” isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
04:05. Be sincere.
04:56. Viva Las Vegas!
05:18. Be valuable.
07:13. Be strategic.
09:04. Close.

The worst pitches I’ve ever received:
5 Things Every Cold Pitch Must Have:
The Great Creatos Podcast:

5 Ways To Personalize Your Cold Email Outreach (2022)

In this video, I go over how to personalise a cold email and there is 5 way the first being better than the next. In this video, I go over the 5 things I look for in a prospect when I am trying to write a personalised b2b cold email to them.

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Great way to get emails

Great tool for cold email automation

Cliqly Email Marketing: I am Sending Cold Emails| Day 2

Start for Free HERE: Join me as I check out Cliqly Email Marketing. I will be Sending Cold Emails on Day 2. Will this this be a good way to build out my list? Time will tell.

MY THOUGHTS: Cliqly seems to be a pretty cool concept for list building.
Just Know that SIGN UP is Free BUT you will need to pay to Upgrade to continue to Send Emails to the lists in the System. **NOTE: You also have to Upgrade before you can Promote your Own Offers to these leads*

I will be Trying this out and I will be giving updates. Will I Get Paid? Will Grow my List? Is it a Scam? Let’s See!

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How to Get More Replies to Your Link Outreach Emails (5 Actionable Tips)

In this video you’re going to learn how to get more replies to your link outreach emails.

Using my 5 actionable tips, you can increase your response rate to more than 20%, which is going to help you land way more backlinks for your blog.

Think about it:

If you reach out to 100 authority blogs, you’ll get 20 replies with a response rate of 20%.

Increasing your cold email outreach response rate is key if you want to land more backlinks for your website, which is crucial for ranking #1 in Google.

In this video, I’m sharing my 5 proven techniques that I’ve used to increase my response rate to nearly 25%!


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