Are Blog Comments Useless for Link Building?


Are Blog Comments Useless for Link Building?

Even though blog commenting is useless for link building, when utilized properly, it can potentially result in an increase in traffic to your website.

How to Get Traffic & Backlinks �� using Blog Comments ��

How to Get Traffic & Backlinks �� using Blog Comments ��

How to Get Blog Comment Backlinks and Traffic – TABLE OF CONTENTS
When you visit the web page on How to Get Blog Comment Backlinks and Traffic you will find full information along with video and images on the follow topics related to How to Get Blog Comment Backlinks and Traffic

-How to Get Blog Comment Backlinks and Traffic.

-Why Blog Comments Are a Powerful Way to Build Traffic and Backlinks.

-How to Do Blog Comments that Get Approved.

-How to Insert the Backlink Hyperlink in the Blog Comment.

-How to Find Blogs or Web Pages that Allow Comments.

-A More Automated Way to Find Blogs that Allow Comments.

-Blog Comment Traffic and Link Building Conclusion.

This page is going to provide in-depth information on how you can use commenting on other peoples blog posts and web pages in a way that most of your comments will get approved by the blog owner as well as be appreciated by the blog readers to give you the greatest chance people will click the backlinks in your blog comments that will bring you traffic and help build your rankings with the search engines at the same time.

Traffic, meaning human eyeballs, are the lifeblood of your online business whether that be a blog or website or getting traffic to your landing pages so you can make affiliate commissions. Without traffic, you might as well live on the moon, digitally speaking. … read all of How to Get Blog Comment Backlinks and Traffic at:

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RESPONSE VIDEO: Link Building is Useless Do This Instead by Income School

In today’s video, I’m responding to the claim that Income School makes that “Link Building is Useless, do this instead…”


Make great content and the algorithm will take care of itself. Create content that satisfies the user query and Google will reward you later.

There’s less worry or risk of a penalty.

Content is a more worthwhile investment than a backlink – better to build the content and let it sit.


They don’t talk about keywords that much in this video, but the strategies that they use and reference in other videos are very good.

Finding low competition keywords is the quickest way to get a niche or authority site off the ground.

I’ve done this multiple times and talked about it recently because we made an off-site blog to one of our e-commerce stores WITHOUT building any links.

You can make A LOT of headway doing this especially if there are lots of “unclaimed” keywords in your niche.


Your business has keywords that you NEED to rank for.

There simply aren’t as many buying intent-driven keywords to work with.

Without a unique keyword angle, Google won’t reward your site on content alone.


Your best buying intent keyword (as indicated from your Google Ads) is “Kitchen Islands” or for the product names of the kitchen islands you’re selling.

Unless you can rank for these keywords, any SEO efforts you do are probably a waste of money.

Informational keywords simply don’t convert enough – although they can give a boost.

Google is showing products or category pages for these keywords that have little content to begin with (you can’t compete on content).

Sometimes there are ZERO informational keywords about products that have buying intent – if they are specific products.


It doesn’t make financial sense to build out a bunch of informational keywords and wait for the links to come to boost your site.

It could take YEARS to rank for the keywords you want to rank for.

Link building is the ONLY way to get the ball rolling quickly enough to where doing SEO would even be worth it.


Income School’s message is great in this video, but you need to know when/how to use it.

Our strategy is that we’ll continue method’s like theirs for informational keywords and building out blogs, but not for ranking things like product pages or category pages because content simply doesn’t matter – there’s no other intent to be met.

Impossible to build up a site’s authority on content alone if you’re not going for the right keywords.


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Using Blog Comment Backlinks As Part Of Your SEO Strategy!

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The more you have, the better your chances of ranking on search engines.

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